The application of reflective tape


With the continuous improvement of living standards, especially in today people's awareness of safety protection, we want more than just a reflective vest or reflective clothing, but high quality, high effect, high-cost performance, high-quality reflective products. In many scenes of daily life, we can see products with reflective materials, such as reflective vests worn by common construction workers, and sanitation workers working on the roads. Put on reflective work clothing, then how to distinguish the quality of reflective clothing? We will give you a detailed account, hope to help friends to learn more about this information.

First of all, the reflective vests we refer to are those that can have a reflective warning effect at night. Usually, this kind of clothing made up of two parts: reflective material (reflective tape or lattice belt) and base fabric. When there is light shining at night, the reflective material will reflect part of the light to warn people who see the reflected light. It is worth noting that it does not shine by itself.

In today's big data, you can see more than one hundred pages and one million reflective products on the Internet, so how do we choose?

This problem is very simple. First of all, our national standards are clearly defined. As long as they are measured according to the prescribed standards, the reflective vests generally selected have no major problems. For example, the national standard stipulates that the reflective material width of reflective clothing should be greater than or equal to 5cm. Seeing this number, We believe many people will find that there are many reflective garments that do not meet the standards. Because it is below this width, the reflective material is difficult or impossible to reach the reflective distance of more than 330m required by the national standard.

Does this mean that a reflective garment that does not meet the standard cannot be worn? In fact, the answer is no. It is not that the reflective vests that do not meet the standards cannot be worn, but the reflective vests that are not designed and produced according to the standards will have certain problems and safety hazards.

For example, the reflective distance specified by the national standard GB20653 is 330m, but in order to save resources to wear reflective vests with relatively low reflective distance, this situation is of course allowed, only in the case of some sudden emergencies. When the near reflection distance gives others less reaction time, the risk factor of the person increases, and when it comes to life, one second is also crucial!

Also, we need to explain the point. Some reflective vests can reach a reflective distance of 330m, but glass beads are easy to fall off due to the lack of processing. This led to some reflective vests that were not reflected after washing a few times.

Therefore, when we purchase the reflective vest, we should ask the store, what is the reflective distance of the reflective vest, and how many times the washing is supported. Of course, the greater the reflective distance, the better the number of washings supported.

Reflective clothing produced by Chinastars are very good, especially the elastic reflective fabric not only has good reflective performance but also has excellent ductility, can apply to all kinds of elastic fabrics. Even if the fabric is stretched, it will not cause the reflective surface to rupture. The application of elastic reflective cloth on sporting goods is also becoming more and more extensive. Therefore, when the parents choose to cooperate with the manufacturer, it is recommended to look for Chinastars reflective.

The application of reflective tape

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