The 5 tips for not walking during the winter


Every year, when temperatures drop, there is an exponential increase in car breakdowns. According to the research, your car is 18% more likely not to start in winter and 27% more to engulf. The lower the temperature, the more the engine parts run the risk of reporting a malfunction.

Moreover, the darker and colder the days become, the more the chances of a car accident increase. According to ISTAT data, between October and February, there is a high incidence of road accidents especially in the evening hours, during which ice and poor visibility become the worst enemies of motorists. The research shows for example that in January there are three times more accidents than in June, considering the period from sunset to sunrise.

From these data the importance of preparing to face the winter period through the right precautions emerges.

Here are the five tips to better face the winter season:

Plan your trip: the best way to face the road during the winter is to know exactly what you will encounter on your journey. For this, it is important to inform yourself about the weather conditions in advance and to identify possible danger points along your route. Before departure, expect 10 minutes to clean up your vehicle from snow accumulations, particularly where they can obstruct your view.

Control your vehicle: from brakes, tires, and wipers to lights and battery. It is important not to neglect any area that could be affected by the consequences of bad weather.

Fill up on all the liquids: this way, in case you get stuck, you can leave the engine running to warm up the vehicle. It is also important to check the oil level and, if necessary, top up the tank. Shell Helix 0W ensures engine protection even at extreme temperatures, speeding up the healing process 3. It also monitors the coolant levels to keep the engine running when needed and uses a windshield washer fluid suitable for winter to prevent it from freezing overnight.

Cleaning counts, even in winter: washing the car in bad weather, when the weather keeps the bodywork dirty all the time, may seem useless. However, it is good to do it for two different reasons. The first is that in this way you will always be visible, the second is to prevent the salt thrown on the roads from corroding your bodywork in the event of prolonged contact.

Be ready for anything: having a repair kit is essential for peaceful travel. Bring warm clothes, blankets and a charger for your Smartphone. The emergency triangle and the reflective vest are not only indispensable but also mandatory. A plus would be to have a first aid kit, a tow rope and a spare wheel with the related keys.

But not all reflective vests are the same. Chinastars offer a full range of high-quality reflective tapes, reflective heat transfer vinyl, reflective piping, etc. for workwear and innovative reflective fabrics for casual wear and sportswear. We also manufacture various workwear such as safety vests, reflective jackets, reflective shirts, etc. at excellent quality and competitive prices.

The 5 tips for not walking during the winter

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