Take care of your road safety


Autumn is a dangerous time for all road users. The variability of weather forces a change in driving technique - unfortunately, many drivers forget about it. Legnica police officers call for prudence and common sense. Failure to adapt the speed to road conditions can be a cause of the tragedy. The weather, which can change several times during the day, makes the road conditions change very much, more treacherous and dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. That is why police officers appeal to all road users to be extremely careful and prudent.

We remind you that the road surface combined with precipitation and leaves lying on the road extends the braking distance of the vehicle, in extreme cases, the driver may slip and not control the vehicle. Therefore, overtaking in such conditions, passing, cornering can be very dangerous. Drivers should remember to comply with speed limits, and when the weather conditions are worse, to slow down according to the rule that slower means safer. Be especially careful in depressions, on hills, near forests, and water reservoirs - the road may be particularly slippery there. Extreme caution should be exercised near pedestrian crossings. Be careful when reaching them. If a pedestrian enters the crossing, the driver may not brake. We also make a special appeal to pedestrians not to enter directly in front of the oncoming vehicle. Even at the pedestrian crossing, make sure the driver manages to slow down.

Of course, pedestrians have priority in passing, but here the principle of limited trust applies most. Every pedestrian and cyclist should also remember their safety and ensure that they are visible. A reflective vest, keyring, headband, or even an ordinary flashlight will make it easier for the oncoming driver to move around when the road is dim. This period is also dangerous for motorbike and scooter drivers who are increasingly using their vehicles until late autumn and even throughout the year. Adverse weather conditions reduce the grip of the tires and even a seemingly harmless fall when trying to brake suddenly can end tragically.

Remember - admissible speed during heavy rainfall or frosts does not always mean safe speed!

Take care of your road safety

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