Strangest ticket for motorists in Spain


Many Dutch and Belgians come to Spain with their car to enjoy the holiday. You may drive around in Spain with a Dutch or Belgian license plate, but of course, the Spanish traffic rules apply. Some of these rules can lead to fines if you do not comply with them. However, be careful because fines can amount to hundreds of euros that often have to be paid immediately, especially if you drive with a foreign number plate.

Many Spaniards do not even know that the traffic rules below apply, let alone foreigners driving around in Spain. Yet they are all mentioned in the Reglamento General de Circulación in articles 3, 17 and 18, but who is looking at that now. The general traffic rules do not mention the subjects below "literally", but the situations below can be fined in Spain.

Driving with slippers or stiletto heels on or barefoot

In the summer it is quite normal to drive towards the beach while you are already wearing the slippers or that it is so hot that you do not wear shoes. That is not allowed in Spain and can result in fines of 80 euros (shoes must be stuck at the back and not loose at the front to prevent problems with accelerating and braking). Barefoot is also not allowed because it can cause damage to afoot.

Driving without a shirt

Driving without a shirt or topless in the case of female drivers is also punishable by fines of between 40 and 80 euros. The reason for this is because contact with the seat back and car strap can be painful and can cause damage to the skin with the risk of injury. Even in the case of opening the airbag in the event of an accident, it is dangerous not to have a shirt on.

Eat, drink or makeup

Eating ice cream, working a sandwich inside, drinking water or putting yourself up at the wheel can result in fines. Every distraction behind the wheel while driving is punishable by fines of up to 200 euros. You can also lose points from your driver's license (in the case of a Spanish driver's license).

Stick your arm out of the window or lean out of the window

Drivers who are caught driving with an arm out of the window or who lean on the door while the window is open can get fines of up to 80 euros. The handlebar must be held with both hands.

Feet on the dashboard

Passengers who think they can sit comfortably by putting their feet on the dashboard can come home from a cold fair (or warm beach) if they are caught. This is because the safety (imagine the airbag opens in an accident) is not allowed and can result in fines of up to 100 euros.

Throw a cigarette out of the car

If you are a smoker and you throw the cigarette out of the car, that can result in a hefty fine of 400 euros or more. Certainly, in dry and very flammable Spain, it is not smart to carelessly throw a burning cigarette into nature. Unfortunately, this still happens a lot and many natural fires beside roads are caused by smokers who don't think.

Number of occupants

If the number of occupants exceeds the maximum, which in most cases is 6 or 7 people (in normal cars), heavy fines can be imposed.

Calling in the car

Calling in the car while driving is only allowed if that is either hands-free using a Bluetooth system or cables through the speakers of the car. It is not allowed to make calls using Bluetooth headphones or similar devices. However, you should pay attention because searching for phone numbers and/or using the buttons on the phones is again not permitted. Fines run up to 400 euros and you can lose points from your driver's license (in the case of a Spanish driver's license).

Put things in the back that aren't stuck

According to traffic rules, it is not permitted to put things in the back seat without being stuck. The reason for this is that if a collision were to occur, these loose objects would fly in all directions and could be fatal. Loose items must be placed in the trunk. Fine can amount to 100 euros.

Documentation not complete

Not having the car papers and a correct ITV (APK) can result in costs of up to 200 euros. The same applies if your driver's license has expired or does not have with you what can be fined up to 80 euros.

Reflective vest

You must have a reflective (yellow or orange) vest in the car at all times that must be put on in the event of a breakdown or accident, which applies to the driver and a co-driver. The vest is just as important for the Spanish traffic law as a warning triangle and not having such a vest can result in fines of up to 200 euros. In Spain, it is mandatory to have two warning triangles in the car (only in the case of a Spanish license plate).

Passenger or car driver cushion

The cushion of the driver or co-driver when driving on the road or the intense discussion while driving is in principle just as dangerous as driving around drunk. That is why the police can give a fine of 80 euros, even if they drive something in love and punctually in the car.


Many rules such as speeding, not wearing the seat belt, drunk driving or driving drugs and driving without a license, etc. we have not indicated above because these are quite logical and prohibited everywhere.

Strangest ticket for motorists in Spain

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