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Reflective heat transfer vinyl is widely used for all different kinds of garments in customized logo shape. Compared to the normal heat transfer vinyl, reflective heat transfer logo reflect lights and make the brand visible both at daytime and nighttime, especially for sportswear and outdoor garments. The common way to make the reflective heat transfer logo is by plotter cutting and by laser cutting. Plotter cutting is more popular because Plotter is easy to get and low costs to set up. Meantime Plotter is easy to operate and good for different kinds of heat transfer material cutting.

Chinastars is the largest manufacturer of reflective material in China and we produce different kinds of reflective heat transfer vinyl with high & stable quality. Chinastars reflective heat transfer vinyl is OEKO TEX 100, EN 20471, ANSI 107 certified and highly accepted by our worldwide market. Based on 15 years’ experience in reflective heat transfer market, we recommend below top 3 hot sellers of reflective heat transfer film for you, hope to help you start and learn the reflective heat transfer product easily.

Firstly of all, CS-4002GD gray reflective heat transfer film is the top popular item for reflective heat transfer film. It is the gray color reflective item and its reflectivity is higher than 260 CPL. It's hot melt glue type matches most kinds of fabric with good washing durability. The PET liner thickness is 0.1mm which is designed for plotter cutting. The thick PET makes the film plain and not cure which is a good starter of the plotter cutting works. Meantime the plotter cuter won’t cut off the PET film. The best merit of CS-4002GD grey reflective heat transfer film is the accurate sticky strength between the PET line and reflective material. The accurate sticky strength helps to easily cut and successful weeding. If the PET liner is too sticky, then it fails to weed the wasted part. If the PET liner is less of sticky, the logo easily falls off the PET liner before heat transfer operation. Why CS-4002GD win the top one best seller of reflective heat transfer film? It is the high-performance costs ratio, it is not only high quality but also price competitive. If you are new to the reflective heat transfer film, CS-4002GD is the best choice to start the business in the whole world market.

Secondly, CS-8004GD rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl is a new fashion item for heat transfer material which becomes popular quickly in the market. Compared to the normal reflective material, rainbow reflective heat transfer film is the black color at daytime, and reflect iridescent colors when the light on at nighttime. The amazing performance attracts the young energetic generation’s sights in a short time. More and more fashion sports brand import the popular element to their new collection. One of the famous brand designers said, I paid a lot of attention to the new high tech material to my collection and I’m very glad to add the new material to my new collection. The rainbow reflective material is the one I’m looking for, it is the perfect unity of futility and beauty.

If CS-4002GD gray reflective heat transfer film is the starter of the reflective business, then CS-8004GD will be the most sell point to win the market.

Thirdly, CSR-H1009C black reflective heat transfer film is a very good item to win the competition in the market. Black reflective heat transfer film is not new for reflective material, there are so many suppliers who can provide reflective material in black color. But the reflectivity of the black quality from the market is quite low only around 10CPL, which make no sense for safety and visibility. High reflectivity black material is the selling point to stand out your competitiveness. CSR-H1009C has much higher reflectivity than the normal products.

Except for the above three items, we also focus on the high-level EN 20471 certified silver quality reflective heat transfer vinyl. We have full solutions to work out different problems during reflective heat transfer production and heat transfer operation. If you had some bad experience with the reflective heat transfer film, please feel free to contact us to find out the solution accordingly.

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