Some application guidance for reflective heat transfer logo


Reflective heat transfer logo become more and more popular as decoration for garments, capes, shoes, bags etc.. But the reflective heat transfer logos are not good for any logo design or any fabric. You could understand it better from below example:

One of our yoga garments customer send us their fabric and their design for our evaluation.

1. They sent us two fabric for testing at the beginning, one is solid and one is mesh, for the solid one, we washes 5 cycles, and it performance well. But for mesh one, it failed before washing. The mesh fabric could not ensure enough contacting area with glue.

2. They mentioned that they applied non reflective logo on reflective fabric before and it works. The reason is the difference of reflective & non reflective logo production. For non reflective logo, we usually make 0.5mm bigger size to ensure the washing quality, you could check below picture of the non reflective logo, you could see the small white edge, it is glue and it will be invisible after heat transfer. While for reflective logo, we could not make bigger size, we could only make exact size logo, because the glue will transfer the glass beads from transfer film and the logo shape will deform.

3. The washing of reflective material logo on solid fabric also won't be very good. Because their logo design is too thin, I measured the logo and the font size is 1mm only, the middle part even is less than 1mm. If they want to make durable washing such as 15 cycles, 25 cycles, and then they have to make bold size logo design.

Some application guidance for reflective heat transfer logo

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