Security guards of the enterprise


What employees wear clothes on the way to get off work? This problem seems to have nothing to do with enterprises. However, a new "fashion safety" winds is blowing. Many enterprises encourage employees who drive electric cars to wear reflective vests, or sew reflective materials on factory clothes to keep safety.

At AB InBev Group, employees are wearing a striking, fluorescent-colored reflective vest, whether on the commute or in the cross-work block in the factory. Reflective vests are purchased by the company, and free to employees. AB InBev Group, a world's top five hundred company, has always regarded safety first as its main value, emphasizing its safety culture and set annual safety assessment goals every year. Safety among employees on their way to get off work is also an important part of this. In April 2014, AB InBev group officially set the traffic safety regulations .Employees who rides motorcycles, electric scooters and electric bicycles must wear helmets and reflective vests during commuting time. At the same time, AB InBev Group strengthen traffic safety education, invite traffic police to explain traffic rules, analyze traffic accident cases regularly. Combined with the enterprise reward and punishment system, employee's traffic safety awareness is gradually changed and enhanced. At present, the company's employees are able to take the initiative to wear a reflective vest on the way to work.

At present, the company's employees are able to take the initiative to wear a reflective vest on the way to work, if the reflective vest has little damage, employees can get a new safety vest from security office. According to reports, the past three years, there is no traffic accident among the employees of AB InBev Group.

Security guards of the enterprise

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