Safety vest guarantees pedestrians safety


As we all know, pedestrians is a vulnerable groups on the road because they are facing the complex traffic conditions. Every day, we can hear that pedestrians are killed or injured in a car crash. A test result shows that in spite of obeying the traffic rules, wearing a safety vest becomes necessary for pedestrian.

Obeying the traffic rules means that we need walk on a sidewalk, and don't cross the road when the traffic light is red even if there is no car coming. If a sidewalk is not available, pedestrians should walk on the shoulder and facing traffic. And now more and more transportation departments advocate that the pedestrians should increase their visibility at night. Pedestrians need to wear some kind of reflective vest, pedestrians need to wear some light always be aware of our survivors. In spite of this, both drivers and pedestrians need to be aware of their surrounds.

Basically the key of everything is safety and we need to be aware and be safe at all. Wearing a vest with reflective tape when cross the road or walk on the busy street will help us avoid accidents especially at night or when the weather is really bad. It will enhance the high visibility, thus giving a warning signal to the drivers.

Safety vest guarantees pedestrians safety

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