Safety of motorcyclists on the road


Longer and warmer days have resulted in more vulnerable road users, especially motorcyclists, on the roads. Unfortunately, more road incidents involving two-wheelers take place during this time. It should be noted that in a collision with another vehicle, their users are exposed to a significant risk of loss of health and even life.

The growing number of two-wheelers on roads also affects the share of this group of road users in the statistics of road incidents. Incidents involving motorcyclists often have serious consequences. Hence, for many years, various measures have been taken to reduce the number of accidents involving them, and thus to reduce the number of people injured.

Remember that the consequences of an accident with a motorcycle are more serious than that of a car accident. The driver of the two-wheeler is not protected by the vehicle body, seat belts, or airbag. The only protection for the rider's body during a fall or collision with another vehicle/obstacle may be motorcycle clothing, like a protective jacket, appropriate shoes, appropriate gloves, and a helmet.

Therefore, we appeal to motorcyclists to adjust speed to traffic conditions, comply with road traffic regulations, also take into account such factors as driving skills and experience, stress, fatigue, routine, route characteristics.

The most common causes of accidents caused by motorcyclists are mismatching speed to traffic conditions, incorrect overtaking, and not maintaining a safe distance between vehicles. Driving at the right speed will allow you to react appropriately to the situation. For many bikers, fast riding is neither fun nor safe. It is enough that there is sand or spilled liquid on the road, and mastering a motorcycle can be difficult, even for an experienced rider.

It is also worth remembering that the motorcyclist is less visible to other drivers. By avoiding or overtaking another vehicle at high speed, it primarily endangers its own life and health, as vehicle drivers may not see it. Efficient and clean lights, reflective motorcycle harness, or a safety vest improve the visibility of the rider during the day and at night.

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Safety of motorcyclists on the road

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