Safety for the dog


As a dog owner, you and your companion are taking a breather in the dark, then as a pedestrian and quadruped, you are a road user who should pay attention to one thing above all: good visibility.

Basic information and rules of conduct on dogs in road traffic of the Road Traffic Act. It says: "Domestic animals and pets that can endanger traffic are kept away from the road and are only allowed there if they are accompanied by suitable people who can adequately interact with them bicycles are allowed only dogs."

Visibility is everything

For the evening walk with the dog, you as a dog owner should above all observe this basic rule:

Good visibility of owner and dog ensures safety!

The traffic safety is so and therefore dog and master should be visible to other road users. Of course, this applies especially near or on roads and cycle paths.

Checklist for the walk in the dark

Prepare yourself and your dog for the walk in the dark. The following equipment ensures good visibility of the dog in the dark:

4 useful equipment for dogs

Reflective Collars: These collars incorporate reflective material that increases the dog's visibility in the dark.

Reflective harnesses or reflective vests/jackets: The advantage of these harnesses and vests is that a larger part of the animal is covered with reflective material.

Reflective scarves: These scarves complement the light crease and are particularly suitable for long-haired dogs.

Also, you can use a leash with reflective strips. Thus, your dog and you are perceived by other road users as a "team".

Equipment for the dog owner

As a dog owner, you should take sensible measures to be well visible in the dark. Therefore, wear as light clothing as possible, which can simply be "pimped" with reflector strips. Reflective vests are most effective - even for humans. Furthermore, you should have a working pocket or headlamp. This way, you can also find your dog in case of a fall in the dark better than anything else.

As a responsible dog owner, you know that dogs react differently in the dark than during the day. This is mainly due to the special perception of the animal.

Safety for the dog

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