Running in winter-outside or on a treadmill


As an avid runner, you don't want to let the winter hold you back: even when it's cold and wet, you just go out and enjoy yourself. But what do you have to take into account when you put on that new set of men's running shoes during the winter? Or if you choose to get on the treadmill anyway, what do you take into account in this case? We have sorted it out for you!

1. A good base layer

Are you going for a run outside in the cold weather? Make sure you have a good bottom layer anyway. Even though you probably start to sweat quickly once you start running; your body cools down quickly. So make sure you have a good set of thermal clothing or bamboo underwear that ensures that the sweat is removed from your body without your body cooling down too quickly. Good insulation and ventilation are at the top of the list when you go out in the cold weather! On the other hand, do you decide to get on the treadmill this winter? Then this under layer is not necessary for sports. Make sure you have a good top layer when you go outside of the gym. All that sweat cools your body very quickly when it is a bit colder outside!

2. The right shoes

Special running shoes for men and women can be ordered at specialized stores that are not only comfortable but also ensure that you do not get complaints. Running regularly in bad shoes can be disastrous for your body, so always make sure you wear the right shoes. If you're running outside this winter, look for shoes that are suitable for different terrains and protect your ankles as well if possible. The cold wind can weaken your ankles, so any extra support is welcome. Do you combine running with an hour on the treadmill and several fitness exercises? Then make sure you have a good combination of running shoe that provides you with the right support for both activities.

3. Provide reflection

Do you decide to run outside this winter? Then take into account the fact that it gets dark earlier and provide the necessary reflection. You can order separate reflective strips to attach to your running jacket or running shirt so that you are visible everywhere. Even better is of course wearing a reflective vest so that you can be sure that cars always see you well. You can wear a light around your head, arm, or shoe for your view to preventing accidents.

4. Warm-up well

This tip applies to both running on the treadmill and running outside in the winter: always make sure that you warm up before you start the real run. Your body needs time to prepare itself for this strenuous and strenuous activity. If you do not warm yourself up properly, your tendons and muscle attachments are not ready for the heavy work, and you can end up with injuries.

Whether you ultimately choose to run outside or on a treadmill depends entirely on your situation, your experience with running, and the possibilities you have. Either way, keep in mind the tips given to make sure you exercise safely!

Running in winter-outside or on a treadmill

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