Road cycling in winter


Cycling in winter is possible. The smartest way to go about it if you don't want to (or can't) leave your bike standing in snow and ice, we have put together the most important tips for the right clothing, equipment for your racing bike, and bike care.

Racing bike in winter in a nutshell

Driving outside is generally good. The UV light lifts the mood and the mucous membranes are moistened.

Motivated to drive together. For example through appointments, as far as the situation allows, or of course as part of the racing bike news winter cup.

Put on clothes according to the onion principle. Take your bag/rucksack with you or keep your jersey pockets free to store clothes when you are on the go.

If available, it is worth switching to a cyclocross bike or mountain bike because of the better snow tires and the lower speed (wind chill).

Tire tip 1: Spike tires are only necessary when there is ice (danger).

Tire tip 2: Good puncture protection is the central tire criterion.

Tire tip 3: Special all-season tires may be worthwhile for gravel bikes or CX bikes.

More shoes always help - more socks or more freedom of movement.

If necessary, switch to platform pedals for extreme cold.

The eye area can be sensitive to cold. Glasses help against this.

The bike needs special protection against corrosion from road salt.

Adapt driving behavior and load to the temperatures.

Racing biking cannot help with another much-discussed physiological winter problem, vitamin D deficiency. To stimulate the production of this hormone, the level of the sun is simply too low and the exposed skin area is too small anyway.

Therefore: Road cycling in winter is only done realistically for one reason. Because somehow you like it too!

Proper winter clothing for racing cyclists

Winter clothing is essential for year-round racing cycling in our latitudes. But what is suitable for the cold season? As the perception of temperature, this is also an individual question, but some general tips can be given. Because the wind chill effect plays a major role on the racing bike in winter, the wind protection on the outer layer of clothing is central. The parts of the clothing facing away from the wind and the layers underneath are then used to adapt to your feelings or the desired functions. Winter jackets often differ in the extent of the windbreak membrane-free zone on the back and on the back of the arms. It is worth taking a closer look here if you want to keep your kidneys warm.

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Road cycling in winter

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