Riding safety


One bike, one reflective bike suit, one backpack, a group of friends, you can always go on a trip. Through the bumpy road, experience the exotic customs. Through the dark tunnel, to meet the darkness after the light. Today, cycling has become a healthy, environmentally friendly and fashionable green sport. Through "riding" this form, actively advocates fashion, health, environmental protection, the upward concept of life. Let more people understand and love cycling, inherit a cycling culture, and promote cycling. Ride a healthy body, ride a colorful life.

Although ride bicycle to already evolved a kind of fashionable lifestyle from means of a kind of generation step, have safety hidden trouble however sometimes, suggest bicycle hobbyist is his love car outfit collocation "glance material", can add safety again while environmental protection, vogue.

In order to experience the beauty of the travel process more safely, we give you a series of safe riding knowledge, so let's share the following.


1. Wear a helmet and reflective vest. Your life is much more expensive than your helmet and clothes.

2. The driver behind you is not an all-powerful prophet. It is impossible to know whether you are going to turn left, right or straight at the intersection. So you'd better give him a hint.

3. The meaning of brake is to control the speed of the car, rather than stop instantly. You must brake ahead of time if you want to stop.

4. Your energy comes from glycogen, which doesn't power your car's active light source. So, the purpose of your headlights is for people to see you, not for you to see them.

5.Respect all moving things on the road and remember that pedestrians and motor vehicles have the right of first refusal in all circumstances

6. The family is very important, you should tell them where you go when you go out for bike riding.

7. You're a human, not a solar engine, or a perpetual motion machine. So before you hit the road, make sure you have plenty of fuel.

8. If you ride a bicycle, you may go to some wild places. Although I believe that you go to the wild as your own backyard, please take your communication tools with you.

9. Other people's vehicles may have a little trouble on the road, but you can't be like them. You must have enough spare parts for simple repairs to avoid "bicyclists."


Whether it is necessary to wear reflective cycling clothes or not is a common question. There are always two reasons for not wearing cycling clothes. One is that it is not necessary to wear cycling clothes because you are not a professional cyclist. Second, I think the appearance of cycling clothes is gorgeous and exaggerated, which is really too flamboyant. However, for many cycling enthusiasts, cycling clothes are necessary cycling supplies, and they think it is necessary to wear cycling clothes during cycling.

Biker suits can help riders reduce wind resistance during cycling, but the main function of the tights is to bind muscles and help sweat. Cycling clothes are mostly made of reflective fabrics, which can transport sweat from the surface of the body to the surface of the clothes through the fiber of the clothes. Cycling also evaporates rapidly to achieve the purpose of efficient sweat drainage and dry cycling. In order to achieve this kind of sweat drainage, quick-drying clothes cannot be replaced completely, which is also the main reason why most cycling clothes are expensive.

The appearance of the cycling suit is not exaggerated, and its conspicuous appearance is also good for safety. It can also be seen on the road. Drivers can see the reflective material on the cycling suit from a long distance, and it will also warn drivers that the cyclists are different from those who buy vegetables by bike. And many of the suits have reflective strips on the back, making it easy for drivers behind them to spot you at night.

City life is so fast that people are in urgent need of finding a way to release pressure. People choose to travel by bike or on foot, which is a new discovery of life. People either ride their favorite cars, walk with crutches or wear reflective clothes. Start a journey in a strange and peaceful direction. Enjoy an uninhibited outdoor trip. Isn't that what we desire? When you are tired, just put down the burden on your shoulders for a while and give yourself a chance to get close to nature and enjoy the journey of life.

The New Year is coming. Do you have any new riding plans? If so, small makeup to suggest that when you are happy to make next year's cycling plan, do not forget to buy yourself a handsome, stylish and safe reflective cycling clothes, let the safety along with your riding leisure.

Riding safety

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