Reflective vests protect students from going safety at night


Walking on the road at night, students no longer have to worry about the vehicles can't see them clearly by wearing the reflective vest which is supplied by the school.

Nowadays, Yang Jiyu who study at HuiTong primary school received a "reflective school uniform", same as Yang Jiyu, the school more than 900 students all put on the reflective safety vests. The school is located at 209 National Road, traffic flow is very large, so it caused some security risks to the students, especially for the students who have to go home at night. Considering students' safety, the school has asked the safety uniform factory to customize the school safety vest to put the reflective strips on the front chest and back vest. As when the light shines on this reflective strip, it will produce a very eye-catching light, remind the night driving vehicles to pay attention to traffic safety, to ensure that students go home safely.

Now all students wear this fluorescent safety vest when coming to school or go back home. Both students and parents feel much safer now. Other nearby schools have followed these actions, some even heat press a reflective heat transfer logo on the vest.

Reflective vests protect students from going safety at night

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