Reflective vests are essential


Everyone should have seen the kind of eye-catching vest worn by our traffic police and sanitation workers. Does that vest look dazzling? As long as they are in front of us, we can see them. Ring guard vest, traffic police vest is also known as a reflective vest. The reflective vest on the biggest feature is the reflective tape. Don't look at this simple reflective strip, it's worth a lot when it's used on our vests.

Reflective strips are made of glass beads which can reflect light. They reflect light in the dark and at night, serving as a warning and reminder. The reflective vest is much more effective when it's added to our vest. Wearing a reflective vest allows you to act like two light in bad weather or poor light, alerting the driver of the vehicle or other people who are with you to avoid casualties. When a car breaks down on a highway, for example, the driver, wearing a safety vest, gets out to check or repair it. It is also a gift given by some car companies to people who want to buy a car. It plays an irreplaceable role in human production and life, especially in any activity related to traffic. We have all started to have their own protective functionality. So how can we lose the sportswear?

Sportswear should also have some special protective properties. For example, a layer of chemical film that can absorb water molecules can be applied on the surface of the cloth, so that a continuous conductive water film can be formed on the surface of the fabric and the electrostatic conduction can be dispersed to prevent accidental injury to athletes caused by static electricity. When running or riding on the road at night, choose to clothe with reflective materials, which can enhance the night vision effect and ensure the safety of the sport. But we think, whether it's skydiving, outdoor sport, or night running, it's all about reflective materials, oh, it's a trend, it's a trend!

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Reflective vests are essential

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