Reflective vest is important to riders


When riding at night, many cyclists will choose to wear reflective vest, so reflective clothing has become necessary to the rider.

Recently, some experts point out that reflective clothing is made of reflective fabric is not well to protect the rider. Many enthusiasts ride in the night will choose to wear reflective clothing in order to strengthen the visibility of others, so as soon as possible to prepare let out more space. The Bath, Ph.D., Ian Walker from British University in the study states that the choice of riders about distance between the other drivers do not have much effect, whether you have a safety vest, or Like a professional player as tight riding a reflective service, the distance between the two and the motor is almost the same. So recently there is an incident that a mirror mounted on the arm.

The mirror is a collapsible lens, mounted on the arm, with an adjustable arm in a fixed position. It is ergonomic design, this mirror has been able to adapt to a variety of sizes of arm and arm positioning, and the user can view through a series of rearview mirror vision, very easy to observe the situation behind. The position of the mirror can also be rotated to adjust the angle, installed in the position you need.

It can be seen from the reflective service, reflective fabric, and reflective package and then to the mirror, people have a lot of thought about the safety of the ride.

Reflective vest is important to riders

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