Reflective vest for cows


Recently, the traffic police detachment of Otog Front Banner prepare "reflective vest" for Battelle’s 13 cows. Until now, 387 cows of the town are all free wear reflective vest. This is unprecedented.

According to the survey, the vast majority of herders live in the road on both sides, so most accident has happened when the cows cross the road, resulting in economic losses. In order to reduce the loss of herders, the traffic police detachment is in consultation with the town government of Otog Front Banner, they decided to put reflective vest on 387 cows living along the highway. It eliminates this road safety hazard completely.

"Since my family's cows are free to wear a reflective safety vest, I never worry about the cow was hit by a car, it is really a good way", the local herders Battelle said happily.

Reflective vest for cows

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