Reflective tape increase visibility in Typhoon weather


In the past week, No.13 terrible typhoon “Sudiluo” hit seriously East of China. When typhoon go through Taiwan, it brought strong wind, blow the motorcar on the street into sky. Even more, one Boeing 747 air flight stopped at the airport was moved by the strong wind.

Everyone thought typhoon will not go back to China mainland again, but on Aug.10th.2015 it landed in Fuzhou Fujian province again. It brought lots or rain and wind, badly effect local daily life, trees was down along the street, no electricity. Lots of electrician worker was wearing reflective safety vest and trying to get the power back.

Zhejiang province was badly hurt by typhoon too. The most serious city was Wenzhou, in south of Zhejiang. Shuitou in Wenzhou was badly destroyed in typhoon. The whole city was full of flood. Every year before typhoon comes, they will pack up all the goods in store and move it to 2nd or 3rd floor to keep it safe, but even in this case, first floor of the house was full of water. In some house, the water reached more than 2 meters high. Most of the car does not working after Typhoon. It brought more than 40 hundred million lost to the city.

The 2nd day after typhoon, when flood faded, the whole city looks very dirty. Everything comes out on the street, fish, furniture, all full of mud. The sanitation workers wearing reflective vest will spend at least 3-5 days to get the city clean and antisepsis.

During the typhoon, you may see the reporters and policemen all wore high visibility raincoat with reflective tape to do report of the situation and rescue. High visibility safety garment with reflective tape can keep you be seen in far distance and keep the person safe.

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