Reflective tape for bike riding club


More and more people pay more attention to daily heath. We also get news from newspaper or TV that people died in very young age, like around 30s by accident or overworking, especially in IT field. After working, you can see lots of people will go to gym doing exercise, like yoga, running, bicycle… And during those activities, reflective tape is very importance element to put on clothing.

Reference to the bike, Dahon Sp8 is the most popular and classic bike for “bike riding club”, with below features:

1. Great frame geometry makes this little bike ride like a big bike.

2. Folds in seconds and is easy to carry so you never need to leave it outside.

3. BioLogic II frame geometry delivers enhanced stability, control and comfort.

The bike has orange, grey, white, black, green and yellow color equipped with reflective tape and looked much more fashion. You can fold the bike in 10s and it looked very small. You can also take it onto bus, subway, even air flight, it is very convenient.

One day, I see a video on website for Dahon bicycle, Speed P8, saying that if you have the bicycle, some people will refit it again with much better power, so you can go across the hillside. I heard one story of an 81 year-old woman in Hangzhou. She enjoyed one bike club, and traveled lots of places in China wearing reflective vest and with the bike SP8. It is unbelievable that the old woman is with so much more passion.

You can see from the news, that some of the person will bring the bike to abroad too, like Vietnam, laos, Asia or France. More exercise can keep you young and energetic.

If you buy one Dahon bike, they will have one reflective snap band go together with the bike for free. It can keep you much safer during riding in night time.

As for Chinastars, we have various kinds of promotions made of reflective material, like reflective armband, snap band, key chain, toys etc. Any more news and products, please click:

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