Reflective tape ensures your safety in foggy days


After Two days raining, it caused a heavy fog because of the high humidity. Visibility is only 307 meters, called "the most serious since the beginning of winter fog". The reflective tape is thus becoming more important to both pedestrians and riders.

Hangzhou meteorological department issued a yellow fog warning this week. Reporters realized that the temperature rose slowly currently. The fog will not dissipate by this afternoon. Fog has affected the traffic seriously. This morning highway takes measures to keep safety. We need to pay attention to traffic safety. Traffic police reminded the public, it's best to wear reflective safety vest or reflective cap to increase the visibility distance when traveling in fog day.

Driving in the Fog, the most important thing is control the speed, maintain a safe driving distance. Hangzhou highway traffic police warn that, if have a traffic accident through the mist, please try to move the hardened verge of the vehicle; if the vehicle can't move, you should place reflective triangle warning signs at the rear of the vehicle 150 meters away.

When you go on a trip or ride in the fog day, we must pay attention to safety. Riding speed shall be controlled, reflective jersey, reflective caps and reflective raincoat should be worn to increase security.

Reflective tape ensures your safety in foggy days

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