Reflective safety vest is available for festival safety


For every year Halloween, while candy and costumes tend to be the focus, state officials said people should also think about safety, too. The importance of safety vest is being emphasized for every Halloween.

"It's getting darker earlier, and of course Halloween is supposed to be a fun time when we're trying to prevent a tragedy, or at least help prevent a tragedy," said State Highway Administration spokesman Charlie Gischlar.

That's why the Chinastars is providing its annual Vests for Visibility program where parents and kids can buy a yellow reflective vest for the holiday. Chinastars officials are asking people to put it over their costumes to make each person more visible to passing cars.

"Cross in well-lit areas and at crosswalks, and for parents out there, to make sure that everybody's in a large group. It's easier to identify a large group and get one of those safety vests and put it on. That way, you're standing out like a sore thumb, which is a good thing," Gischlar said.

"For driverss, keep your eyes completely on the road because anything can happen with kids are on sugar. They're excited. They're with their friends, and we don't want anyone to be running into the road, but it also needs to be a two-way safety street," Gischlar said.

If you can't pick up a vest, the Chinastars recommends wearing a costume with reflective heat transfer film as an alternative because safety should be a top priority, no matter where trick-or-treating happens.

Those who want a safety vest or customized reflective heat transfer logo can pick one up at

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