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During your walking in the night, logos made of reflective tape will be your safety solution. Whether you are looking for an increase in safety, identifiability of workers, or even just seeking an addition to your fashion tool kit, our custom reflective logos can help. We use our own reflective heat transfer film along with our screen printing expertise to put your reflective logo on garments to nylon windbreakers. We can embellish T-shirts, fleece, and many kinds of outerwear.

When Might Reflective Logos be Right for You?

Reflective logos on garments provide excellent additional visibility in conjunction with other standard high visibility safety equipment.

1. Running/jogging applications.

2. Low-light situations like underground or mining.

3. Security team member identification.

4. Tow truck driver uniforms.

5. Work wear including law enforcement, firefighter, and EMS.

6. Support crew.

7. Kids wear.

8. Delivery drivers of all kinds.


The Straight Dope on Reflective Screen Printing

There are essentially 3 kinds of screen printing technologies used to produce reflective logos: plastisol ink types, water-based ink solutions, and reflective film hybrids. Our technology dept have tested all of the above screen print reflective technologies and have found them of varying efficacy.

Plastisol Ink: A great many screen printers may offer the plastisol ink variety, but the reflective effect is so slight that unless the salesman is present during low-light conditions, we don’t think the reflectivity is even worth mentioning. It certainly isn’t worth the extra cost, as all three solutions use our high quality reflective heat transfer film which doesn’t come cheap. The plus side is they come in a variety of colors and are easy to apply, which is nice for the screen printer –in case that matters.

Water Based Ink: Water Based reflective inks yield a much more visible imprint in low light conditions. No salesman need be present for the observer to notice a nice reflective effect. It is a big upgrade from the plastisol ink solution, but it does have a few draw-backs: it can only be used on a limited number of fabrics, and while it is noticeably reflective, it is not reflective enough for many desired applications.

Reflective Film Hybrid: This is our most highly recommended type. That is not because it is the method we use. Rather, we use it because we think it is the best. The hybrid system uses screen printing along with a microprism carrier sheet, and allows for a much higher reflectivity than even the water based ink variety. It’s about 25 times more reflective than the water based kind. There are a few companies in the United States using this system, but they are much less common than the other above systems. And if you want a reflective logo on anything other than cotton fabrics, you can count the number of companies offering it on less than one hand.

It is important for you to know your own legal requirements and to ensure your gear meets the standards necessary. We recommend reflective logos in addition to safety vest already meeting your legal requirements.

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