Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Iron On Fabric


Today we are talking about reflective heat transfer vinyl, a special type of vinyl that sticks to textiles. Reflective heat transfer vinyl is the name of a specialty vinyl or polymer that you can use on certain fabrics and materials to create designs and promotional products.

Reflective heat transfer vinyl is perfect for apparel for construction workers, runners, cyclists, or children that need to be seen in low light conditions.

It is produced in a single color and is available in a wide range, and if you buy the reflective heat transfer vinyl, you will get different kinds of colors on the market, such as blue, yellow, purple, black, white, rainbow, etc. The reflective heat pressing vinyl can be customized to be something personal you will love.

Those who want to save money can also add a reflective pressure element to their jacket to make it reflective, and safe in dark areas or when hiking in the mountains. More and more customers are asking us to use reflective prints on our fabrics. This way we can save special patterns and fees and deliver the best quality of heat transfer films for your outdoor jackets and other outdoor clothing.

The quality of the reflective heat transfer film is very important, so it is important to choose the right film for your outdoor jacket and other outdoor clothing. Chinastars deals with a wide range of different types of reflective films for outdoor jackets and works with tailor-made solutions for different weather conditions.

If you need a sample, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange it for testing. Once the available patterns are selected, we have a range of different colors available for use with the heat transfer vinyl. If you want to have your own pattern, you can design your logo according to the pattern - just show us the clear graphics we need.

If you are looking for a thermostat iron on vinyl t-shirt or other thermal material, check out their website to find the perfect product for you.

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Iron On Fabric

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