Reflective fabric add lustre to road safety


Reflective fabric, reflective strip, reflective vest with a variety of outdoor equipment, also gradually appeared in more application scenes. Unlike other outdoor equipment, reflective strips in reflective fabrics do not conflict with any outdoor functional fabrics. On the contrary, adding reflective fabrics on outdoor equipment is more icing on the cake. From clothing to accessories, shoes and boots, whether the international top brands or local brands have adopted reflective strips as the new generation of decoration products, both play the role of reflection and fashion.

Because the reflective vest is made from the reflective material. The reflective vest is a kind of clothing that can play a warning and safety role in various light conditions. It is usually made up of base (fluorescent material) material and retro reflection reflective material. The reflective material is made of glass or prism material, which allows the incident light to be returned to the original path. A reflective vest, after adding the fluorescent color, the reflective strip that has reflective material is hundreds of times visible in the light. The effect of fluorescence and reflective reflection is more intense, it let the wearer has a strong contrast with the surrounding environment in the daytime or night and under the light. Thus it plays the role of safety and protection.

Now the accessories are equipped with the reflective strip and the original security-warning basis, and can add a lot of color to the decoration.

Reflective fabric add lustre to road safety

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