Reflective elements save lives


According to the law, we should wear reflectors after dark outside built-up areas. However, taking care of your safety, our children and loved ones, we should put on this kind of elements even when moving in built-up areas. The police are calling for positive education in families.

The last fatal accident last weekend clearly shows the need to use reflectors.

In winter conditions we are almost invisible to drivers. A small New Year's gift, which can be a reflective vest or band can save someone's life.

Speaking of reflective elements, it is worth recalling that after dark a pedestrian dressed in a dark outfit is seen by the driver of the vehicle from a distance of about 40 meters. However, a pedestrian wearing reflective elements becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters. These additional meters allow the driver to brake and safely avoid pedestrians. According to the amended regulations, outside the built-up area, we have to wear reflective elements, for non-compliance, there is a fine of up to PLN 500. However, it is not the penalties that should encourage us to wear glare, but care for our safety.

Policemen urge pedestrians to wear reflective vests, even when they are moving in built-up areas, such as reflective vests, bands or flashlights.

Let's wear reflective vests, let us set a good example and let us instill safe habits from an early age, like to our children. Thanks to this, our children will be safe, and yet there is nothing more valuable than the safety of our child. Let's remember that flares save lives. Without a reflective element, let's use a flashlight for this purpose, which is built into most currently used mobile phones.

Reflective elements save lives

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