The cyclist, just like any other road participant, must comply with the rules, follow signs and signals on the road. Otherwise, he exposes himself not only to the ticket but above all to the danger of losing his life and health.

According to local regulations, each cyclist has to wear a reflector. Bicycle reflectors should be permanently installed on the back and front of the two-wheeler. The obligatory equipment of the cyclist does not include small reflective elements that are put on clothing, attached to a backpack or stuck to the bicycle frame, which does not mean that it is not worth buying them. Bicycle reflectors increase our visibility and thus safety on the road. We advise that glare for the biker in worth having.

Reflective vest for bicycle

The reflective vest is one of the gadgets most frequently chosen by cyclists for three reasons - it is easily accessible, cheap and very comfortable. Although a cycling vest is not mandatory, more and more cyclists are not moving without it from home.

If you think that the reflective cycling vest will not go well with a light and airy outfit for cycling, then you have nothing to fear. The reflective vest for a bike doesn't limit your movement and freedom of cycling, so you won't even feel it when you are wearing it.

Reflective bags for the back

Not everyone has a basket or boot mounted on the bike. When choosing a longer bike trip, you should bring a backpack-sack. It is a perfect reflection for a bike because it has a dual-use - works both as a backpack and as a reflective element.

Reflective bags for the back are much more comfortable than backpacks. Made of light material, they are not an additional weight, and light and soft strings do not cause painful abrasions on the shoulders.

Glowing wristband

A popular reflector for the bike is a shiny band that can be worn directly on the shoulder or clothing. This band because it emits continuous or pulsating light is visible at all times, and not only when it is in the field of light of the car's lights. Thanks to this, it significantly improves the visibility of the cyclist after dark.

Reflective bicycle sleeves

It's easy to forget about small reflective gadgets that include biker clothing when leaving the house. That is why it is best to buy a reflector that can be permanently attached to the bike. Bull's-eye reflective sleeves are a hit.

The bicycle's reflective sleeve is easy to use, so it is put on the bike's frame in just a few seconds. This gadget works in summer when due to high temperatures we wear flimsy clothes, and cycling in a reflective vest causes some kind of discomfort.

Cycling is a safe form of activity for people of all ages, provided that we adhere to the rules in force on the road and are properly prepared for riding. Although reflectors in built-up areas are not compulsory except for those mounted on the bike, it is worth to buy them to increase your visibility. While riding, the bicycle reflective sleeve, reflective vest, glowing band or key ring will work well. These types of gadgets are not expensive and can save us from the consequences of unforeseen events.


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