Rainbow reflective fabric


Rainbow reflective fabric is a type of fabric that is known for its unique ability to reflect light in a variety of colors, creating a rainbow-like effect. This type of fabric is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion and safety industries due to its striking appearance and high visibility.

fashion rainbow reflective jacket

What is rainbow reflective fabric called?

Rainbow reflective fabric is also called iridescent reflective fabric, holographic reflective fabric, or neon reflective fabric. When illuminated by light sources such as a car headlight, the rainbow reflective fabric can reflect light and transform into a striking multi-color reflective effect.

What is rainbow reflective fabric

Daylight color: Black
Reflected color: Rainbow
Backing fabric: Poly, TC, stretch fabric,etc
Width: Up to 140cm
Certification: Oeko-tex 100

What types of rainbow reflective fabrics do we have?

Chinastars reflective rainbow fabric uses special coating technology. Different thicknesses of the coating chemicals allow different rainbow visual effects.

  • multi color rainbow stripe pattern fabric

    Multi-Color Rainbow Stripe Pattern

  • blue purple full width pattern fabric

    Blue-Purple Full-Width Pattern

  • pink green full width pattern fabric

    Pink-Green Full-Width Pattern

  • translucent rainbow reflective fabric

    Translucent Rainbow Reflective Fabric

  • rainbow printing reflective fabric

    Rainbow Printing Reflective Fabric

What base fabrics are available for iridescent rainbow reflective fabrics?

Rainbow reflective fabrics can be customized to fit different applications. The base fabrics commonly used for iridescent reflective fabrics include polyester, TC, spandex fabric, and others.

Polyester rainbow reflective fabric is a popular choice because it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

TC or polyester-cotton blend rainbow reflective fabric is another common choice because it is thicker and more durable.

Spandex rainbow reflective fabric is stretchy and ideal for making form-fitting clothing.

What is the application of rainbow reflective fabric?

Rainbow reflective fabrics have a wide range of applications, including making reflective clothing, backpacks, shoes, and other accessories.

Reflective clothing:

In the fashion industry, reflective clothing is becoming increasingly popular, with many designers incorporating iridescent reflective fabrics into their collections.

rainbow reflective fabric multi application


Rainbow reflective fabrics can be used to create accessories such as hairbands, hats, etc. Additionally, reflective backpacks and reflective shoes are also popular options for those looking to incorporate this unique material into their wardrobe.

Performance wear:

Rainbow reflective fabrics are often used in performance wear such as athletic wear and dance costumes to create a dramatic effect.

rainbow reflective fabric show wear

Where to buy rainbow reflective fabric?

Chinastars is a professional manufacturer that offers a wide range of reflective fabrics. They offer customizations to base fabrics, designs, and colors, making it easy for customers to create their desired products. Feel free to contact Chinastars for samples at [email protected]

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