Protect yourself with reflective tape in typhoon days


In order to protect Typhoon during the landing area safe and smooth road traffic, traffic police brigade leaders wearing reflective safety vest attach great importance to quickly start inclement weather emergency plan, to take effective measures, efforts to reduce typhoon brought on the area of road transport adverse effects, ensure the area of road traffic safety, smooth and orderly.

Strengthen road patrol control, protection of traffic safety

To prevent serious accidents due to typhoons or traffic jam, each road duty squadron arrangements for police patrol 24 hours on the road, especially in the mountains, bridges, culverts, low-lying, near cliffs near the water and other key sections focus on patrol and ready to rain gear with reflective tape, lighting equipment and other equipment, prepared to deal with various contingencies preparation.

Thorough investigation of traffic offense, remediation efforts unabated

Actively carry out patrol duty at the same time, a reasonable allocation of duty Guard and the police, to maximize the police into the road, take a dynamic patrol-based service model, and promptly deal with overcrowding speeding, overloading driving, driving and other labor illness after rain cause accidents, traffic violations, to eliminate all kinds of traffic safety problems, a comprehensive prevention and reduction of road traffic accidents. Meanwhile, the combination of "fighting rule violation" of actions being carried out hot, there is lots of security risks and other key sections of passenger lines and the region, set up fixed police, focusing on prevention, to ensure the safety of people travel.

Guard duty strengthen security

Strictly implement the duty Guard system to ensure sufficient manpower at the post office, to take in case of emergencies when rapid action, decisive disposal, in case of critical situations promptly report to the higher authorities. Meanwhile, in order to ensure its own security police, traffic police brigade police on duty must be unified requirements to wear reflective vest, wearing police equipment, patrol vehicles and signage, cones and other equipment to be checked and added to prevent unnecessary damage.

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