Protect your child with fashionable reflective products


Children’s safety is always the concern of parents, and especially on way to school or way home. The high traffic accident rate is worrying every parent. How to protect your children from car accident? Chinastars reflective products are definitely great choice.

Here are some of the products made of high quality and OKEO-TEX 100 certified reflective fabric:

NO. 1: Reflective Umbrella and raincoat

Chinastars Children reflective umbrella is made of reflective printing fabric. The reflective pattern can be customizable and make it unique and significant for you. Or you can also choose our available patterns, we now have over 10 patterns available, and below is the heart pattern which is quite popular among children products.

The two transparent leaves enable children to see the outside situation and avoid possible dangers. A reflective raincoat is also a good option for rainy days.

No. 2: Reflective Schoolbag

We know that a lot of schools are already using reflective school suits, and then how about match it with a reflective schoolbag.

You can either use our whole reflective soft reflective fabric or reflective pattern fabric. The bag designs can be customized, and we can do the reflective part for you.

No. 3: Reflective safety vest

A lot of schools are already using the safety vest to protect the children’s road safety. But most children and even parents don’t want to wear it since it’s not so fashionable and sometimes was defined as too ugly. If so, why not try our fashionable children safety vest?

No.4: Reflective toy

In case your children’s schoolbag is not reflective, then hang a reflective toy will be an easy and economic way to solve this.

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