Now practice the way to school


On 10th September the school starts in Bavaria. Then many Abc shooters, who in the future regularly participate in road traffic, are traveling for the first time. Parents should now, at least now with the little ones, the future route and thus the active participation in the traffic happen, advises the ADAC.

So they can calmly approach the new situation and learn to assess dangers correctly. Also, the club appeals to motorists and all other road users to be particularly cautious and at any time ready to brake in the vicinity of schools and residential areas. The ADAC has put together the most important training tips:

Practice the way to school at the time of day when children are about to go to school and not on Sundays when there is less traffic.

The shortest route is not always the safest. Therefore, small detours should be accepted if they minimize risks.

Identify and discuss dangers without fear.

Have the child well-rested and on time. The especially safe group, because several children are more visible than one alone.

Always provide the child with light and reflective clothing, such as a safety vest, especially at the beginning and during the dark season.

Parents should be role models in road traffic and therefore always follow the traffic rules.

Crossing the road should be given special attention as children cannot estimate speeds. Both sides of the street must be manageable and free. The child should never cross the street at an angle but always choose the short and straight path.

"Parental taxi" prevents children's traffic literacy

Riding a bike to school, children should always after the appropriate bike test, which takes place in the third or fourth grade. Also, first graders should be driven only in exceptional cases by car to school. The frequently practiced "parental taxi" creates a confusing situation in front of the schools and, according to ADAC, prevents the development of self-employment as well as the traffic competence of the new school-leavers.

Now practice the way to school

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