New safety standard for school uniforms


Reflective fabric is made of the base cloth, the adhesives, and the micro glass bead. And a variety of processing technology including coatings, composites, along with processing methods such as hot pressing is imperative. Mainly used for products which are related with road safety. Now, the fabric is also widely used in all kinds of professional clothes, uniforms, fashion, shoes and hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective equipment, outdoor supplies accessories and so on.

Next year, the standard of "student service safety technical specifications" will be implemented in China. This standard is reference to international standards, greatly improving the quality of school uniforms. Because the group of children, students who's age are from 3 years old to 18 years old, 90% of the daily activities time all dress the uniform. Considering junior grade students are naughtier, dangerous consciousness and self-protection awareness is weak, if there are security risks in uniform design and quality, it is likely to cause harm to the child. So government added in safety, durability, comfortable indicators assessment when formulating this standard. Make the reflective material coating on the uniform is the mainly way to keep safety. It is easier to identify when students crossing the road, reduce the risk and keep the safety.

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New safety standard for school uniforms

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