New Reflective bags


With the improvement of people's safety awareness, reflective materials have already been widely applied to all aspects of clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Chinastars Reflective has also been committed to the development of new reflective materials, and we always require our sample department to design some new reflective products by using the latest product to meet the diverse needs of customers and provide some new ideas to the relevant designers to help them make more new designs which can be the hot style in the market.

Today I want to share one new reflective bag design which used by our rainbow reflective fabric. As we all know, now many reflective jackets have already used this kind of rainbow reflective fabric but haven't applied onto the bag. So we asked our design team to make a reflective bag. Frankly speaking, this kind of reflective bag is a very simple type, a more casual style, mainly for outdoor exercise, outdoor cycling, fitness personnel or shopping crowd, etc. It is thin and lightweight but can hold a few things not very much heavy type. So it is easy to carry. What's more, it has used Chinastars rainbow reflective fabric, which makes it cooler and fashion. Considering the cost and use problems, we adopt the splicing fabric. Where the bottom is easy to rub with the contact objects frequently, we use the normal 300D waterproof Oxford fabric. Where the top is not in contact with the contact objects, we use the rainbow reflective fabric, which not only saves the cost but also increases the service life of the reflective bag. It is well known that reflective materials, unlike normal fabrics, are not suitable for frequent friction.

We hope you will like this new design. If you have any new idea or new design want to develop, please kindly contact our sales team. We have many different types of reflective fabric to offer and our sales will provide you with the most professional advice and will help you develop the new style you want.

New Reflective bags

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