New fashion trends-Reflective fabric


Nowadays, the hot retro-elements have gradually weakened, and the style of future reflective elements will lead the trend circle. For example, clothing with floating cities, flying cars, reflective patterns for space exploration, or clothing, shoes, bags with reflective materials that look like technology in life.

So how do some fashion big brands apply reflective materials to clothing? In fact, the answer is hidden in the show of major brands.

The "Dior Man 2019 Early Autumn Collection" men's wear adds rainbow reflective fabric to the materials and design, reflecting the futuristic style of science and technology and highlighting the future.

The "NEIGHBORHOOD 2019 Spring/Summer Collection" also incorporates a single item with reflective elements.

Like the above-mentioned jacket with reflective strips, it is embellished with futuristic reflective elements, which directly shows the feeling of blending technology with the future. At the same time, some reflective vests were also introduced.

As the leader of the sports street field Adidas Originals, the first Adidas Nite Jogger was released in 1979, is Adidas' first running shoes with reflective strips. Designed to add a safety guarantee to runners during night runs.

Adidas Originals Nite Jogger was released on January 11 this year. The most noteworthy is "reflective." The overall black color, with the core of the orange reflective material blessing, not only retains the trend of beauty but also provides a night-time visible shoes for runners, so that runners can be safer when running at night.

In the past, reflective fabrics only used for safety needs and transportation, such as student uniforms, sanitation uniforms, traffic uniforms, warning signs. In the past two years, reflective fabrics have been widely used in fashion, which just confirms Einstein's words: "Imagination can take you anywhere."

In recent years, the technology of reflective materials industry has developed rapidly. The technology of the industry is gradually improving and continuously innovating, and the market demand promotes the development of the reflective materials industry. With the quality of domestic reflective materials getting better and better and the high price comparison with foreign brands of reflective materials, the current domestic reflective materials have regained the market occupied by foreign brands for many years.

With the increasing demand for reflective finished products, the reflective materials originally used in the field of safe transportation have been extended to the personal field to further cater to the daily consumption needs of the masses. This greatly promotes the development of civilian use of reflective materials.

Chinastars can provide professional product solutions, giving customers a variety of choices and providing better services.

New fashion trends-Reflective fabric

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