New design fluorescent yellow raincoat for Police


The road is dangerous especially on the rainy day and at night. According to the survey, there are more accidents than usual because drivers can’t see clearly in the bad environment of sight. In this case, wear some clothes with reflective material are helpful to reduce accidents.

In our daily life, we usually use the regular raincoat or just take an umbrella in a rainy day since most of people will walk on the roadside and then back home directly. The traffic police are different because they need to work on road to avoid the traffic accident. So we usually see the traffic police wear the reflective raincoat on road. The reflective tape on the raincoat can make drivers see police clearly and protect police on the road with heavy traffic.

Police’s raincoat uniform is used the navy blue fabric in the past year, and this year the uniform is made by fluorescent yellow fabric since the navy is not very visible. The fluorescent reflective fabric and reflective tape can provide the biggest protection for traffic police.

New design fluorescent yellow raincoat for Police

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