Motorcycle stops on the highway-what to do


One of the worst eventualities that can occur is that of having the bike stop on the motorway: the risk of being invested is anything but hypothetical, as unfortunately the daily chronicle is reminded of. During the journey, even a minor fault can prove to be a harbinger of deadly pitfalls, if certain precautions and precautions are not followed.

What to do?

If our bike lifts us off and suddenly stops on the highway (or if, unfortunately, we are involved in an accident), the first thing to do is to take off immediately from the potential trajectory of the others vehicles: in other words, with the motorbike stopping on the highway, you need to get away immediately from possible investments.

Once we are safe, it is a must to warn other road users of our vehicle stuck near the roadway (if we were able to stop at the side of it). The vehicle may not be adequately visible, in which case reporting is even more important.

To sum up: the first point is to put ourselves in safety, we and the people who eventually travel with us; move away from the roadway.

The second point is to make what happened to us as visible as possible: then turn on the double arrows and then position the triangle at a proper distance. Even before, and always to safeguard our safety, we will have proceeded to wear the reflective vest with reflective bands. Any wreckage or oil stains must also be reported.

How to adjust according to the road

If we are in a city street, we must immediately turn on the flashing lights, wear the reflective jacket (yellow or orange) and then place the triangle at least fifty meters from the bike. If we cannot move the vehicle, we wear the high visibility jacket once again and as much attention as possible let us put ourselves in a safe position and, if necessary, we also make sure those who are not able to do it are safe. If it is really necessary, given the particular situation in which we find ourselves, we can also bypass the guardrail, but always paying close attention.

At this point, after we are safe, it will be the case to call for help. With the motorcycle stopped on the motorway, it is good to turn on the flashing lights and then move the bike to the emergency lane or the pitches, if possible. Here too, you must then wear the appropriate jacket and then place the triangle at least 100 meters from the middle.

Motorcycle stops on the highway-what to do

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