Long-distance running offers healthy industry chain


Yesterday, the 2016 National Park Kaihua Qianjiang source half marathon was held successfully in Kaihua County. From 16 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 2100 athletes in reflective clothing staged a big party with speed and passion in Qianjiang source.

In recent years, long-distance running has become a craze among the increasingly affluent and health-conscious Chinese people.

It has become a daily scene these days to see men and women, especially the young and middle-aged, jog along the streets or in parks after work or during weekends.

Some marathon runners say the sport is so welcome because it is simple and almost free. All you need is a pair of shoes, and you can even run without them. But is this really true?

Join a marathon and you may find it's more like a fashion show, where runners, in a desperate attempt to improve their results and show off their personality, don the most trendy and high-tech gear such as running shoes, leggings, T-shirts, safety vests, shorts, socks and jackets of all colors and designs. 

Those who are tech-savvy are usually equipped with watches that can update your speed and distance, heart rate and calories, with high-end devices being able to upload your statistics to an online training log where you can analyze your performance after a race.

For trail runners, those who prefer to run in the mountains rather than on city streets, a pair of walking sticks, a hydration pack, a nutrition belt, a reflective vest and a head lamp are a must and will always come in handy to boost performance,。

Also on the list are knee and ankle supports, sunglasses, headgear, running hats, energy bars and gels, and so on. It actually spreads throughout an entire running industry chain. But so far it seems that few if any Chinese brands have looked into this largely ignored sector-a gold mine yet to be explored.

Long-distance running offers healthy industry chain

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