Let reflective jacket protect you in cold winter


Since early this week, all the weather forecast said it will be very very cold on Jan.20-Jan.24, the temperature showed it will be minus 14 or 11 degrees in Wednesday and Thursday, everyone was shocked to see the news, and everyday we can see news from newspaper which reported how cold it will be, it will be heavy now during the time, what you have to do…all is like this.

Until Jan.20, it seems all is a joke, all the temperature goes on same as it is in winter, cold, nearly 1-3 degrees, no rain no snow, no cold temperature.

As days passed, everything goes on as usual, until on Jan.21, in the middle afternoon lunch time, we see lots of snowflake come through the glasses  together the rain, everyone said” snow comes at last. It lasted around 2 or 3 hours, but since it was snowing in daytime and with rain, snowflake change into rainwater when arrived at the land, so in the downtown, there will be no much more snow left when we back home.

But in the mountain area, like linan, yuhang district, lots of snow was there, you can see from the picture, the tea garden in longjing village is all white, it looked beautiful. We can see the policeman and city cleaner wore high visibility safety vest to clean the snow from the trees and also the snow on the road, in order to keep the road clean ensure everything on the road goes on well.

In the cold snowing time, a kind reminder, what you have to wear to keep you warm? We had developed one technical jacket with reflective transfer pattern on out shell, which can keep you far away from dangerous when you are in dark area, with flight or flash you can be seen easily. The 3 in one high visibility technical jacket is suitable for outdoor exercise, it can keep you warm and alos anti-rain; wind. It has blue and red color, with different size, if you are interested in, please click our website for reference.

Let reflective jacket protect you in cold winter

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