Leave safely in your car


Leaving safely with your car is a must! There is no escape, especially this year, in this strange summer conditioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. For many people, the holidays will be shorter than in other years. And even those who used to greet everyone by getting on board an airplane, this year will probably be forced to move by car. The health emergency has reshuffled tourist flows, changing the choice of destinations: the share of foreign tourists has been greatly reduced, but Italians seem to opt for the so-called "proximity tourism". All by car, therefore, and therefore, taking into account the reduced holiday times, it is good that everything goes smoothly.

Leave safely

Summer 2020 leaves no room for unforeseen events and hitches: therefore it is essential that our car is in perfect condition, ready to accompany us wherever we want. Consequently, the role of the mechanic becomes fundamental: he is responsible for verifying that our car is in perfect shape. Let's take a step back because in reality maintenance is a practice that should be kept in mind every day of the year: constant assistance reduces the risk of breakdowns, as well as unforeseen expenses and setbacks. By performing cyclical interventions, you will most likely not need anything special before leaving for the holidays. In any case, whether the mechanic knows the car or not, it is good that he is the one to take a look at it.

The tires

For example, a careful look will go to the tires: they must necessarily be inflated, even because of a fully-loaded journey (passengers plus various luggage). And then to the tread, checking that it is not damaged or too worn. The mechanic will then check the engine oil, for leaks, brake fluid, engine coolant, and washer fluid. These are the so-called levels, a common practice that every mechanic knows well. The wipers are also the object of attention because if they are too old and worn they can even be harmful to the glass of the car. A check-up must also be done on all the lights and in case the burned ones will be replaced.

It's up to us too

Once we have the "blessing" of the mechanic, it will be up to us to do our part. It is always a good idea to make sure that you have the mandatory safety equipment on board, that is, a reflective vest and warning triangle, just as it is good practice to carry spare bulbs with you. In case of problems, you could also replace the one out of use. To avoid being taken by surprise, it is also useful to check that you have everything you need to replace a tire (and you will need a spare wheel) in the event of a puncture. So pay attention to the right key to unscrew the screws and to the jack.

Leave safely in your car

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