Know the essential safety features for cyclists


Who rides a bicycle in traffic always needs to be aware. Ideally, the rider should perform regular maintenance on the "skinny" and use all recommended safety equipment to prevent or mitigate possible accidents. The Center for Road Safety and Experimentation has created a technical bulletin indicating the essentials to ensure safer cycling. Check out:

Helmet: Wear a certified helmet and pay attention to the size of the item, which cannot be too large or too tight. Before purchase, try and find out which one is most comfortable.

Sneaker: Specific footwear has a clip-on system between the sneaker club and the bicycle pedal. This provides greater efficiency and safety during movements.

Gloves: are used so that the skin is not irritated by the continuous support on the handle. They also protect your hands in the event of a fall and windy routes - if the current is cold, the rider's hands may stiffen, making it difficult to apply the brakes and even ride the bike.

Rearview mirror: is an item required by law. It should be used on the left side of the bike to assist the rider while driving.

Bell: Audible alert to draw the attention of other vehicles or pedestrians in distress.

Knee and elbow protector: Both aim to reduce the severity of impact on these parts of the body. Ideally, always test before you buy.

Clothing: Should provide comfort to the rider's movement and protection in areas susceptible to the grating in the event of falls. There are also appropriate clothes for every weather condition.

Safety lights: When you ride a bicycle, it is essential to be noticed by other drivers and pedestrians on the road. For this, use lighting systems on both the front and the top of the bike. Light on the helmet helps even more, especially at night.

Reflective vest: safety feature for night riding. At night, visibility is reduced and the risk of accidents increases.

Know the essential safety features for cyclists

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