Items that must not be missing on your car


Not everyone knows that some tools must be kept in the car to comply with the law and not to break the Highway Code. Knowing what they are, it is important to be able to drive in total safety and to avoid any fines.

There are also non-mandatory tools, but it is always better to have them available in your car because they are fundamental in emergencies.

Let's see what are the accessories that should be kept close at hand.

Reflective vest

This is a mandatory tool, which must be worn by all drivers of vehicles stationary on the roadway, out of built-up areas, during the night or in conditions of poor visibility. The obligation also applies to passengers when they leave the car. As required by the Highway Code, the driver who does not wear the vest will be forced to pay a fine, plus the deduction of points from the license.

Emergency triangle

In the mandatory safety kit by law, there is also an emergency triangle. It should be exposed both day and night, at least 50 meters from the car, in case you should stop on the roadway for a possible failure. The absence of the triangle also entails a fine for the driver in this case.

The power cables

An indispensable tool, because it helps to restart the car and get back on the road. These are the classic cables for recharging the battery.

Spare wheels

The spare wheel or the "wheel" must be in perfect condition, at the right pressure, undamaged. Some cars are equipped with a repair kit instead of the spare tire.

First aid kit

Present in all the new generation cars, it includes gauze, bandages, all necessary tools to be able to perform the first aid.

Fire extinguisher

On the market, there are different types of fire extinguishers, especially for the car, small and easily stowed. It is best to always carry it under the driver's seat, or in the boot, so that it is easily accessible in the event of a fire or overheating of the muffler.

Tool kit

To carry out small repairs, it is necessary to have at hand a kit with basic tools, which will allow you to solve the situation easily and quickly.

Scraper and sunshade

Indispensable when the car is covered with snow and ice, especially in the coldest areas. Avoid using hot water or alcohol to defrost the windows, as the thermal shock could have serious consequences. While for the summer season it is essential the sunshade for the dashboard, which protects the passenger compartment from sunlight.


Although smartphones equipped with a flashlight, a real torch is always more efficient. It can be used on several occasions, even simply to read a map or documents in the dark.

Items that must not be missing on your car

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