It is worth wearing reflective vests in autumn


Autumn and winter is a difficult time for pedestrians and drivers. Especially now you need to take care of your safety so that you do not run the risk of accidentally safely move in the dark. The reflective vest costs only a few dollars and effectively improves visibility on the road. Check who should invest in it!

Even if the fall weather has pampered us with warm temperatures in recent days, the mists appearing in the morning and the quickly falling dark constantly remind us that we will soon welcome the real fall. This time of year is unlikely to encourage you to wear light clothing. Traditional, dark colors of autumn coats and jackets promote road safety. So dressed we are visible to the driver at the last moment. A pedestrian or cyclist suddenly rises in front of the bonnet when the driver has no way of avoiding an accident. According to experts, visibility improves significantly and amounts to approx. 150 m. This distance already gives the necessary time to maneuver, which avoids an accident.


Cyclists should not forget about the warning vest. We use the bicycle more and more every day and it becomes a common means of transport to school or work. Wearing a warning vest is not mandatory for cyclists, but common sense and concern for your own safety suggest that you should buy such a reflective gadget and then remember to put it on.

The offer of reflectors for cyclists is much richer than just a reflective vest, so complaining about the lack of the right assortment should not be an obstacle to ensuring proper bicycle equipment. Who wears reflectors is much less likely to have an accident than a pedestrian or cyclist without a reflective vest.

You should also think about reflective gadgets before traveling by car. Changing the wheel on the roadside, the need to go for help in the event of a car breakdown on the road, waiting for roadside assistance are just a few circumstances in which a warning vest or other reflectors will be useful to the driver and passengers of the car.


Reflective vests for adults and children in various colors are available on the market. You can also order warning vests with your own logo or print. When choosing a vest, you need to check that it meets EN 471 standards and has appropriate reflective properties. The color of the vest does not prejudge its suitability. A well-chosen warning vest does not affect the comfort of walking or a cyclist.

Adverse weather and road conditions, as well as not always sufficient lighting of roads, even in large cities, should lead us to buy reflectors. This is not a big expense. Individual reflective gadgets cost only a few dollars, and their purchase requires absolutely no effort. Chinastars is a leading manufacturer of safety clothing in China with over 17 years of experience. It manufactures various workwear such as safety vests, reflective jackets, reflective shirts, etc. at excellent quality and competitive price. Within a few minutes, you can order them and thus effectively protect your life and health.

It is worth wearing reflective vests in autumn

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