In the wintertime it is vital to be seen well


The change to wintertime and the accompanying drop in light cause a problem with the visibility of pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter users. Every year, there is an increase in accidents involving the most vulnerable road users.

Pedestrian road mortality peaks in the fall/winter. Almost half of the pedestrians killed each year are killed during the four months from October to January. The number of pedestrian accidents increases by 50% during the first weeks following the change of time.

Clearly, for your safety, it is better to be clearly visible and well equipped. On foot, by bike, or by car. The opportunity to recall some simple prevention tips.

If you are a pedestrian

Avoid the dark. Stay visible by wearing light colors or a reflective accessory. With reflective accessories, pedestrians are visible 150 meters away. Walk on the left side of the road to see the vehicles coming in front. Also, a satchel equipped with self-reflective strips offers more security. There are bags with fluorescent or reflective patterns, you can also sew the bands yourself.

If you are a cyclist

In traffic, the driver and passenger of a cycle, if they are under 12 years old, must wear a helmet that complies with the regulations. The detail which is not one: this helmet "must be attached". Wearing a certified retro-reflective vest is compulsory for all cyclists, and their possible passengers, traveling outside built-up areas at night or when visibility is insufficient. Lighting is compulsory.

It is forbidden to wear any device capable of emitting sound, earphones, earphones or headphones, to the ear. The use of a hand-held telephone is also prohibited. There is no device allowing cyclists to phone en route to date.

If you are a motorist

The compulsory lights of the vehicle must be in good working order. It is strongly recommended that you have a box of spare bulbs in the car. Driving with defective lights is an offense and may be penalized in the event of a control.

Driving in winter

When the roads are snowy, it is important to have suitable equipment and to adapt your driving. It is advisable to be vigilant, especially in areas at risk, shaded and wet areas such as bridges or forests, indicated by a specific sign.

Winter tires, designed to improve grip and braking, can be fitted from mid-October and removed around mid-March. On these slippery roads, it is necessary to reduce your speed, respect the safety distances and we must insist on always give priority to snow removal and salting machines.

In the wintertime it is vital to be seen well

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