How to work with reflective fabric for rain suits


The reflective fabric is becoming more and more popular for outdoor and sports clothing. It increases visibility and provides safety to the user at night and in low-light conditions during outdoor activities. That is the main reason a lot of designers add the reflective element to their ideas.

The reflective fabric could be used as the main fabric for clothing as well as accessories for decoration like stripes, paths, parts, logos, etc. There are also various options for different reflective fabrics for muti requests, such as silver polyester reflective fabric, silver spandex reflective fabric, colored reflective fabric, rainbow reflective fabric, printing reflective fabric, and so on.

Today we mainly talk about the application of reflective fabric for rain suits.

It is quite a good choice to make the rain suits full of reflective fabric. Some famous outdoor brands already worked on the ideas. Then what should you pay attention to when you play with reflective fabric for rainsuits for the first time? I think the first question you may ask is: How is the waterproof performance?

In general reflective fabric is coated functional fabric. The reflective coating makes it waterproof to a certain extent which could only sustain waterproof quality for light rain. For better waterproof quality, we could laminate with waterproof film onto the backside of the reflective fabric to ensure the waterproof quality. You could laminate different quality of the waterproof film based on your waterproof quality requirements. Both silver and rainbow reflective fabric are workable with waterproof film lamination.

waterproof reflective fabric

It is quite common to apply the reflective fabric as stripes onto rain suits. Reflective heat transfer vinyl is more popular than sewing on reflective tape because there are no showing paths on the waterproof fabric. When you choose the quality of reflective heat transfer tape on waterproof fabric, we strongly suggest testing the reflective tape if it matches the fabric after several cycles of washing.

iron on reflective tape

Any questions about the reflective fabric for the rain suits, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you!

How to work with reflective fabric for rain suits

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