How to store the reflective raincoats


With the continuous improvement of people’s safety awareness, more and more consumers start to use the products which can increase the safety factor of travel, such as reflective vests, reflective raincoats and reflective umbrellas for rainy days, but many people do not know how to store these things. This article describes how to store reflective raincoats.


First, reflective raincoats should not be washed with water or detergent.

Second, neither reflective raincoats nor ordinary raincoats can be exposed to sunlight.

Third, once the reflective raincoat is wet, it is the best way to dry it with a dry towel and hung it in a dark place with a hanger.

Storage method: When storing reflective raincoats, you can use hangers to hang up or stack the paper in the sandwich and put it in an OPP bag.

Wrinkle removal method: If there is some fold on the raincoat, we can soak the raincoat in hot water at about 70°C for two minutes, take it out and flatten it on a flat plate, then wipe dry with a cloth, taking care not to pull it hard.

These are the methods for storing and maintaining reflective raincoats to share with you today. Even the best reflective raincoats must be properly preserved to better play their role.

How to store the reflective raincoats

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