How to protect a pedestrian on the road in the dark


How to protect a pedestrian on the road in the dark? White or yellow clothes will make the pedestrian more noticeable for drivers, and the use of reflective elements will significantly reduce the risk of getting under the car in the dark. Here are some recommendations on how to protect a pedestrian on the road.

Out of town - with reflectors

According to the rules of the road, in the dark, a pedestrian must use reflective elements on clothing. In the city, this is just a recommendation, and outside the settlement, the requirement becomes mandatory.

How to choose a light reflective element

You can purchase a keychain with a reflective element and hang it on a bracelet. There are also badges and reflective stickers that can be attached to clothes, a backpack or a bag. Such trifles can be bought at Post offices, supermarkets, bookstores, and children's stores, as well as at gas stations.

To choose a high-quality product, the traffic police advised us to photograph it with a flash.

"If the image is 'illuminated', then the material is of high quality," the department explained, adding that the area of ​​the retro-reflector should be at least 25 square centimeters.

The greatest safety at dusk and night for pedestrians will provide a special reflective vest. The larger the retro-reflector, the more likely it is that the driver will notice it.

Follow the rules of the road

On the edge of the roadway, pedestrians are required to move towards transport, the traffic police recalled. It’s easier to control everything that happens on the road. When approaching the car, it is recommended to slightly step aside, especially at this moment two cars are moving apart.

You can only walk along the sidelines of country roads. Walking on motorways is prohibited by law.

Invisible Pedestrian

A man in black clothes is invisible in the dark, while yellow and white clothes are visible even at night at a distance of 24-37 meters. The presence of a retro-reflective element will make the pedestrian visible to the driver for 200 meters, and in the high beam headlights - for 350 meters.

The traffic police reminded that in a critical situation, the car will not stop immediately. The braking distance on a dry road is 20 meters, on wet asphalt - 35, on packed snow - 70 meters.

How to protect a pedestrian on the road in the dark

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