How to prepare for winter road travel


Before long trips in winter, experts recommend checking the operation of the car's engine and battery, as well as not neglecting winter clothes, relying on the fact that the car is already warm. What else you need to take with you and how to act in an emergency - see our infographic.

If you are in trouble, first of all, report your problem to the rescuers

What to take on the road:

• a brush for removing snow and ice;

• a small shovel;

• portable charger for a mobile phone;

• hand torch and a set of batteries;

• food and water;

• first aid kit;

• blanket or blanket;

• fuel supply;

• a small bag of sand to put under the wheels if the car gets stuck on ice.

If the car is stuck in the snow:

• get out of the car and assess the situation ;

• do not try to get out by slipping the wheels - this way you risk getting stuck even more;

• first try to dig out the car by shoveling snow from under the body and wheels of the car;

• check the exhaust pipe and clean it of snow if necessary;

• pour sand under the wheels or put whatever you can find: rugs, stones, branches;

• Smoothly pressing the accelerator pedal and aligning the wheels, try to get back onto the road, gently rocking the car back and forth;

•if you are not alone, ask assistants to push the car.

If you are lost in a severe blizzard:

• do not panic and  concentrate ;

• call the rescue service and tell them where you are;

• if the car can move, turn it in the wind ;

• regularly warm up the car and sweep snow from it - this will make it easier for the search group to find you;

• periodically clean the exhaust pipe so that the exhaust gases do not get into the passenger compartment and body;

• Even if you are very tired, try to stay awake until the search party arrives to keep the situation under control.

If the car stalled:

• try to orient yourself where you are;

• put up an emergency stop sign, place a reflective vest under the glass;

• in search of help, do not go far from the track or road;

• if there are no settlements nearby, call rescuers ;

• do not go to bed or  go far from the car until help arrives;

• while the car is still warm, insulate it by covering the windows and throwing snow around the car to close the bottom of the cold air.

The material was prepared based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Emergencies and information from open sources.

How to prepare for winter road travel

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