How to drive safely


Cyclists belong to the group of vulnerable road users. When getting on a bike, we should remember about it and always follow elementary safety rules.

A cyclist who has a bicycle lane or a bicycle lane at his disposal is obliged to use them. On these roads, the same rules apply as on the road, i.e. you must drive on the right side at a safe speed. In the absence of the above-mentioned roads, the cyclist may move on the road.

Keep in mind that:

The document confirming possession of the right to drive a bicycle is a bicycle card or a driving license of category AM, A1, B1, or T - in the case of persons under 18 years of age. No such document is required after the age of 18.

A person up to 10 years of age, riding a bicycle under the supervision of an adult, moves along the roads based on pedestrian traffic.

Both cyclists and other riders must remember to respect right-of-way rules. Signaling an intention to perform a maneuver in advance also has a significant impact on safety.

We advise drivers to exercise extreme caution, especially at a safe distance, when overtaking cyclists. This distance must not be less than 1 m.

Currently, there are no provisions on protective helmets or reflective vests in the bicycle traffic regulations. Remember, however, that by wearing a helmet, we protect the head - the part of the body most exposed to injuries. A reflective vest, reflective harness, bands make it easier for the driver to see the cyclist, especially in difficult weather conditions.

How to drive safely

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