How to change car tires


Here is a short guide with all the information and steps to change the car tires.

In the event of a puncture of the rubber, you can decide to take the machine to the workshop and to rely on an expert, or to change the tires yourself.

Flat tire

Changing the machine tire is not such a complicated operation, just the right tools and a little manual work are enough. Changing a flat tire, then, can happen to everyone and on any occasion, the important thing is to pay attention to some things. First of all, you will have to slow down, put the four arrows, and as soon as possible, pull over safely. Once stopped, go out to check the situation using the reflective vest. (It must be worn by drivers of vehicles stationary on the roadway, at night or in conditions of poor visibility, when adjusting the triangle after a breakdown or to replace a tire or in other cases.) The vest is better to keep in the passenger compartment because so it can be worn before leaving the car. 

Tips: Chinastars have a vast selection of reflective safety vests to enhance the visibility for workers, police, cyclists, pedestrians or pets in low light conditions.                   

How to do

To change the tire, the car must be parked on a stable surface to prevent the car from moving and creating additional complications. Furthermore, before changing the wheel, the handbrake must be applied and the first gear engaged. Then, it is essential to have a jack, which must be inserted in the right place (usually indicated with a sign on the car bodywork, or, it can be found by consulting the car's user manual). Then, loosen the bolts that secure the wheels to the car with the key supplied with the vehicle. You don't have to unscrew them completely, and you have to be careful not to strip them. Once the jack is positioned and the nuts are loosened, the car can be lifted. It is sufficient to lift it just enough to remove the rubber. Then, unscrew the nuts, remove the punctured rubber and insert the spare wheel, screwing the nuts to anchor it.

How to change car tires

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