High visibility safety clothing tender


If we back to 2 or 3 years ago, maybe you can find out high visibility garment made of full reflective fabric just some idea comes out to mind. At that time, one of my clients already purchased reflective fabric from Chinastars for full reflective jackets and export to Italy. Even in small qty. And at that time, most of the reflective material is used on the PPE industry. So most popular width is like 5cm, 2.5cm, not even 6cm and 7cm both were considered unregular width. Maybe some of the suppliers will ask some more cost for 6cm and 7cm.

But now, for the width, we can see 6cm, 7cm become regular width in one order especially for Europe markets, with much more understanding of EN ISO 20471 standard, everyone was in progress how to work on well to meet the standard, so even for small size high visibility workwear or pants, in order to meet the standard, they got one idea, make the reflective tape width wider, like 5.5cm, 6cm or 7cm to meet the minimum requirement of the reflective material area. And for full width, also changed, in the very beginning, for silver products, like silver polyester backing tape (CSR-1303-5), and TC backing reflective tape (CSR-1303-6), largest width we can reach is only around 110cm, but now with technology improved and new machine put into production, we can make silver color series reflective material largest width into 140cm, for grey color reflective tape both polyester backing and TC backing, it can reach to 160cm compared to the past 140cm. Everything moves on according to the markets. As we know, almost the knitting fabric width will be reached to 60 inches, in order to save the wastage, we do some improvement for the width and it does some help to garment manufacturers.

For full reflective jackets, now both in the exhibition or inquiry, you can see lots of the clients will ask do you have any reflective material is ideal for full jackets? Except for PPE, more and more outdoor clients looking for reflective elements to their products in order to keep people safe from dangerous while in outdoor. So you can see "Tents" will add reflective yarn into the webbing tape as ties on the tents, during the nights, with the reflective yarn in the middle or reflective webbing tape, you can see it clearly where it is.

And for the outdoor jackets, you can see reflective heat transfer logo to be heat applied on front or back side of the jackets, even for the zipper closure in front, some manufacturers will use reflective zippers (or zipper with reflective coating on the edge), both of these can keep you safe when you are trekking or hiking outside.

Another new idea is "rainbow reflective material". This material is more and more popular from markets, not even for the distributors or the sellers, even for the consumers themselves, with the development of the global economy and internet, it is so easy to find out one popular jacket. One day, one of the clients buys one rainbow reflective material and his designer makes one jacket sketch. After it was shown in one "FASHION SHOW" abroad, with the different lights on the stage, color changed into different colors at different observations, it is so beautiful. Fashion, and model.

Sometimes we have to accept, how important effects of the famous brand in the fashion area. After the show, lots of the person will come and ask do you have rainbow reflective jackets? Rainbow pants? Yes, Chinastars can produce rainbow jackets.

At the same time, some of the clients already used rainbow reflective material on shoes and also leisure pants and bag, with the rainbow material like rainbow heat transfer film on shoes and rainbow reflective fabric on bags, it will make you look much more fashionable. In the daytime, maybe it shows in black, but when you are under sunshine or lights, color changed.

Chinastars now have lots of products to choose as the full reflective jacket, like soft reflective material H002 with the soft hand feeling, it is widely used as outer-shell of the reflective jackets. And also polyester backing rainbow reflective material, all sells well.

If you have any more requirements both for reflective material or rainbow reflective fabric, please feel free to contact us or click our website www.chinareflective.com for a look and email us.

High visibility safety clothing tender

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