Here are five rules for protecting yourself on the highway


Maintain your safety and that of passengers in the event of mechanical breakdowns or road accidents on the highway. The first weekend of July is approaching and weekend trips along the motorways under concession to A4 Holding are starting to get more intense. The summer period has always been the time of year when there is a significant increase in mechanical breakdowns of cars in transit on our routes: here is a handbook with 5 rules to be respected to avoid motorists the possible consequences of an accident, a puncture or a mechanical failure that forces forced parking and getting off your vehicle along the highway.

To encourage safe driving, A4 Holding will repeatedly disseminate specific messages through the 43 information panels located along the route and will distribute a specific "safety kit" to the rescued travelers.

Here are the five rules:

Exit the vehicle only on the opposite side of the vehicle traffic;

Wear the reflective vest, both the driver and the passengers;

Unless traffic conditions prevent it, always position the warning triangle behind the vehicle;

Where possible to reach the emergency lane or the closest parking area, keeping the position and emergency lights on;

Position yourself in a protected area, if possible behind the safety barriers or in a raised area on the side of the road, however as far away from traffic as possible.

Here are five rules for protecting yourself on the highway

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